About ME

I'm a designer from Lima, Peru based in Brooklyn, NY.

I'm interested in simple but clever design solutions inspired by geometric forms, concepts derived from nature, and childhood memories. My work focuses on creating playful, distinctive, sophisticated, and covetable objects and experiences.

I've worked at a number of different design studios, collaborated with designers and artists, and developed personal projects. I've also had the opportunity to exhibit my work at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Art Basel Miami, ICFF and Wanted Design during NY Design Week, and many design exhibitions in Lima.

My abilities and knowledge range from design thinking to making. I enjoy the engineering and construction as much as the attention to details. In addition to my technical experience as an industrial designer, I have a keen eye for design and trends, and possess a sense of whimsy!

I'm a graduate of the Master’s of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and hold a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design from PUCP in Lima, Peru.